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Office Ergonomic Assessment 

Ergonomics is an applied science that looks at how a worker can be more efficient and comfortable when performing job functions. In an office, this means finding ways to comfortably and safely use office equipment such as computers and telephones.

Comprehensive Office Ergonomic Assessment

This type of Assessment includes a thorough onsite review of an employee’s workstation, job tasks and work environment. Our Ergonomic Specialist will educate the employee on proper workstation set up and review optimal work methods with them, including how to incorporate movement and change of posture into their workday.  Their workstation will be adjusted to best fit the employee, during the onsite review.  A Comprehensive Ergonomic Findings and Recommendation Report; will be submitted to the referral source. Recommendations will include specifications on equipment or furniture that is recommended for the employee, along with rational.

Evaluate the health of your workplace…

  • Reduced Risk of Workplace Injuries: Reduce Lost Work Hours.

  • Improves Employee Efficiency: Workspace Optimization Strategies Suggested.

  • Reduces Long Term Injury Exposure Which Affects Work Output.

  • Helps Improve Employee-Employer Work Relationship.

  • Maintenance of Good Posture.

Mandiramoorthy Ramamoorthy PhD PT 

Certified Office Ergonomic Assessor

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