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DonJoy Custom Knee Braces

















We have partnered with DonJoy to provide custom, rigid knee braces for people with moderate to severe knee instabilities and osteoarthritis. These are designed for people with advanced knee issues that will not be adequately supported or offloaded by an over-the-counter brace.

The process of getting one of these braces looks like this:

  1. Book an appointment  to get measured and fitted for your brace.

  2. You can contact your insurance provider to see what your coverage is like for a custom rigid  brace.

  3. Once we have your approval, we will order the brace and notify you when it comes in.

  4. Book an appointment to ensure the brace is a proper fit!

If you have any questions whether or not custom knee bracing is right for you, feel free to give us a call at 780 842 8698 .

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