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In Home Physiotherapy 


In-Home Physiotherapy to Get You Moving Again

Your personal physiotherapist comes to you

Is Travelling to a Physiotherapy Clinic Tiring and Stressful?

• Transportation Arrangements during Clinic Hours can be Difficult

• Your Age and Condition make Travel Inconvenient and Stressful, we are here for you.

• An Appointment can take the entire day and leave you feeling worn-out

• There are no Clinics nearby

• Travelling in Bad Weather is Miserable

Clients who don’t take action often see a decline in their health, mobility, & independence. This de-conditioning can often lead to the increased likelihood of a fall, which may result in hospitalization.

By seeing you in your own environment, your physiotherapy session will be a full one on one session. we will assess and treat the problems you are experiencing with your activities of daily living

• WCB In-home Physiotherapy assessment and treatment Applicable when The Worker is unable to attend therapy in the clinic due to the severity of their work injuries.

• We cover MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident injury) claims during the home visit.

Pls call us to book appointment 780 842 8698

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